SiteLock Website Scanning

  • Protect your site from bots and attacks with SiteLock's Firewall
  • Bullet proof your site from XSS exploits and CSRF attempts
  • Automatically scan your website for exposure to SQL Injection attacks
  • Leverage SiteLock's TrueSpeed CDN to make your site blazing fast
  • Protect your website's reputation by leveraging SiteLock's Blacklist monitor

Keep Your Website Safe with SiteLock

This is more than just a one-time scan. Protect your Website while growing your business.Secure Your Website Now from Viruses, Hackers, Identity Theft & SEO Blacklists.

  • Domain Verification
  • Website Scanning
  • Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool (SMART)
  • Security Badge or TrustSeal
  • Business Verification
  • Application Scanning
  • TrueShield Firewall
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • TrueSpeed CDN

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360 Degree Scan and Network Security

Website Type
Number of Pages
Daily Malware Scan
Network Scan
Daily FTP Scan
Automatic Malware Removal
File Change Monitoring
Website Application Scan
SQL Injection Scan
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Security Alerts
Global Network Identify Threat
Block Bad Bot Attacks
Search Engine Access
Comment Spam Elimination
CAPTCHA Security
Block Content "Scraping"
Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring
Spam Verification
SSL Verification
Phone Number Verification
Postal Address Verification
Unlimited Bandwidth
Global CDN
Caching of Static Content
Compression Static Content
Content Minification
Image Optimization
Shell (SSH) Access
Web Application/CodeSupport


SiteLock is a cloud-based, website protection technique for small businesses. It acts as a quick recognition alarm for regular online threats like malware injections, bot attacks etc. It protects websites from potential online threats, also fixes vulnerabilities of it.
SiteLock scans the website to check for the presence of malicious code or vulnerabilities, automatically removes of any identified malicious code / malware. It provides basic firewall. SiteLock monitors website reputation by checking if the website is blacklisted in search engines and spam blacklists. It uses CDN to enhance the site speed, and hence rankings on search engines.
An SSL certificate helps to encrypt a connection between the browser and server for safely transmitting the private data. But, SiteLock actually protects the database where this information is actually stored, scans your website files and applications, protects from data breaches and spreading of viruses/malware. These functionalities are not provided by an SSL certificate.
SiteLock is a cloud-based service and does not require any installation. Once provisioned for your website, it automatically starts scanning your website using the basic scans.
SiteLock badge or TrustSeal is an image that can be shown on your website to ensure users that your website is secure and malware-free. As SiteLock performs all scans daily, the TrustSeal is update everyday to indicate that all scans have passed.
Deep 360-Degree Site Scan checks all files susceptible to threats, including .css files, .js files, .jpg, .png and other image files and others. It performs a deep scan checking for anything that could turn into a security issue.
There are different types of scan include:
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Scan
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Daily FTP Scanning
  • Website Application Scan
  • SQL Injection Scan
All these scans are part of the Deep 360-Degree Site Scan. The availability and frequency (daily or one-time) of these scans differ from Plan to Plan.
The purpose of this verification is to ensure that the user indeed owns and controls the website.
Business verification is a service that is offered by SiteLock where it verifies the phone number and physical presence of a business. This is typically conducted to assure online users that a business actually exists and it is not a fly-by-night setup.
SiteLock's Reputation Monitoring consists of the following components:
• Search Engine Blacklists: SiteLock monitors if any page or link on the website is listed in the blacklists maintained by search engines or matches with their database of over 7000 known malware sites.
• Spam Blacklists: SiteLock checks if the email server is listed as a spammer on leading blacklists so as to prevent emails from being marked as spam.
  • SSL Verification
  • Encryption strength
  • Certification Authority
  • Certificate expiry
  • Validity of name / domain name

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