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Fully Optimized JSP / Tomcat Hosting

Apache Tomcat is casually referred to as Tomcat which is an open source web server and a servlet container that executes a number of Java EE specifications like JSP (Java Server Pages). Tomcat is a Java capable HTTP server.

JSP is designed for accomplishing the role of a user interface for Java web applications. Java programming language is used for writing JSP code and this code can be inserted in any file format like text file or HTML or XML or can be in CSS or JavaScript. JSP can be run on any operating system.

If you are working in an environment which is based on Java and if you are looking for a solution that will help you in serving up your dynamic web pages then JSP/Tomcat hosting will be a best option to use. We at Hostripples provide Linux Operating System, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited FTP accounts, SSD web space and many more resources with our JSP/Tomcat hosting at cheap price.

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Free .com DomainFree domain MUST be claimed while processing hosting package on same order id. NO separate request for free domain will be entertained after activation of hosting package.
Host Website
Monthly Bandwidth
Heap Memory
Permanent RAM
jsp Web Space
Apache Tomcat
Mailing List
MySql Databases
PHP Version : 5.2 to 7.3
Setup Fee
FTP Accounts
cPanel Control Panel
Virus Protection
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Zend Optimizer
CGI support
Email Autoresponders
E-mail Aliases
E-mail Forwarding
Web Based Email
Shared Secure Server
Detailed Web Statistics
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24x7 Live Support
Web Application/Code Support

Why JSP/Tomcat Web Hosting offered by Hostripples is best than the competitors?

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Unlimited Bandwidth

With our JSP/Tomcat Web Hosting we provide Unlimited Bandwidth with will help you in managing the traffic effectively and efficiently.

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JSP/Tomcat web hosting is compatible with Java Enterprise Application Components as well as technologies for instance: framework like JDBC which stands for Java Database connectivity, Java Servlets, WAR Files, etc.

Free Domain Name icon

Free Domain Name

Register a FREE Domain of choice by opting to pay annually on any of the JSP/Tomcat Hosting package!

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Super Easy Installation

Currently Tomcat is the most commonly used application server in the market place because it is compatible with some of modern day applications and it is easy to install all the web services on it including different types of plugins as well as add-ons that easily available in the market. It also supports installation and execution of Java Servlet and delivers web pages which consist of JSP coding.

Control Panel: Cpanel icon

Control Panel: cPanel

The Control Panel offered on JSP/Tomcat Hosting is cPanel which will give you most user-friendly hands-on experience to manage your applications.

Standard compliance icon

Standard compliance

Tomcat is lightweight and supports normal Servlet and JSP standards. The open standard compliance comes from the decisions taken by its users for maintaining the feel, user experience and performance as close as achievable.

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The configuration in JSP/Tomcat is very fluent, which is beneficial for the beginners who have just started to use it as server.xml.

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The infrastructure offered with JSP/Tomcat web hosting is very stable, big, the community is very responsive. In simple words we can say that with tomcat all the things are up and running. Tomcats’ underlying infrastructure is used by various features only when they are integrated with tomcat.


JSP stands for JavaServer Pages which is a sophisticated technology which allows you to write dynamic and data containing pages for Java Web Applications.
Apache Software Foundation has designed an application server which is referred to as Tomcat that runs Java servlets and delivers web pages which consists of coding related to the Java Server Page. It is an open collective project of developers. It can be available from Apache website in both versions i.e. Binary as well as Source.

We provide Apache Tomcat: V. 8.5
Our JSP/Tomcat Web Hosting supports these PHP versions: 5.3 to 7.3
We provide cPanel Control Panel with our JSP/Tomcat Web Hosting.
No, you cannot restart Tomcat Server from your end.
Yes, JSP hosting can support tomcat with java and mysql.
You can directly place an order from our site. If there is an existing account, then order can be placed via that client account.
Our Tomcat Server is located at India, Poland, UK & USA.
You can check the directory size under your cPanel Control Panel.
All prices are in US dollars.
Your account will be setup immediately once you make the payment.
The billing Cycle is: Monthly, Quarterly and Annually depending on the Hosting Service package you buy.
You can contact us Via Live Chat or using Contact us option.
We accept all the following payment methods:
  • Indian Customer ( Credit Card , Debit Card , Wallet Transfer and more )
  • Paypal (International customer)
  • NEFT Bank Transfer Skrill / Moneybookers PaySafeCard (Global)
  • Molpay (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand)
  • Alipay (China)
  • (Global)
  • Cashu (Middle East and North Africa)
  • Qiwi(GLobal)
  • Sofort Banking (Europe) ATMVA (Indonesia)
  • Ccavenue (Indian Customer)
  • Bitcoin and Altcoins.
You can upload your files via FTP or using File Manager.
Yes, we do provide 30 days money back guarantee.
We guarantee 99.9% server uptime.
Hostripples provide CloudFlare, SiteApps and Attracta SEO Tools for improving the stability of the server. You can enable these services like Cloudflare, Attracta (SEO Tools), SiteApps Optimization Command Center for the SMB Website and many more right from your control panel.
No we do not provide RDP Access with any of our JSP/Tomcat Web Hosting plans.
JSP/Tomcat Web Hosting supports MySQL database.

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