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  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts : Unlimited
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited
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  • 100% Secured SSD cPanel Hosting Plans

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Hostripples is an International Brand serving over 50,000 customers globally. With our International Brand and Experience, we are glad to announce that we are now available in Sri Lanka.

Hostripples has done extensive research on the Web Hosting needs of Sri Lankan people and has come up with a vast variety of Web Hosting products of international quality and 24/7 support.

We assure you with the best Technology and support available for you 24/7. Take the best advantage of the Best Hosting Service Provider in Sri Lanka.

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Free .com DomainFree domain MUST be claimed while processing hosting package on same order id. NO separate request for free domain will be entertained after activation of hosting package.
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
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Monthly Bandwidth
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Sub Domains
Parked Domains
FTP Accounts
MySQL Databases
Email Accounts
Mailing Lists
Setup Fee
Online WebSite Builder
Data Transfer From others
Cpanel Control Panel
Mail Forwarders
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Spam Filters
Webmail Interface
File Manager
FTP Access
Log Files & Site Stats
Backup / Restore
Custom Error Pages
SCGI / Perl
Cron Job
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Server Side Includes (SSI)
GD Library
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CGI Scripting
Image Magick
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Web Application/Code Support

SSD Reseller Hosting Plans

UK SSD Shared Server

UK SSD Reseller Hosting

50% OFF FREEDOM Rs.2000/mo


  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • cPanel Accounts 10
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL
  • 24x7 Live Support
INDIA SSD Shared Server

INDIA SSD Reseller Hosting

50% OFF FREEDOM Rs.2000/mo


  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • cPanel Accounts 10
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL
  • 24x7 Live Support
USA SSD Shared Server

USA SSD Reseller Hosting

50% OFF FREEDOM Rs.2000/mo


  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • cPanel Accounts 10
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL
  • 24x7 Live Support
Poland SSD Shared Server

Poland SSD Reseller Hosting

50% OFF FREEDOM Rs.2000/mo


  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • cPanel Accounts 10
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL
  • 24x7 Live Support

Why We Are Best Than The Competitors

Unlimited bandwidth icon

Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the most important services offered by Hostripples Sri Lanka Web Hosting on our SSD Shared Hosting plans is Unlimited Bandwidth, which is the capability of transferring files to and from your website. This service is really fascinating and promising which allows unlimited Traffic on your site so you do not need to worry about Bandwidth consumption. There will be no limits on your bandwidth transfers for your websites which you are using.

SSL certificate icon

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

As you might know, Google Search Engine penalizes websites that do not have an SSL certificate. Google Does not allow them to Rank in Search Engine. Keeping that in Mind, Hostripples offer FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to all our SSD Shared Hosting customers. SSL Certificate helps in securing the connections between you and your website visitors keeping hackers away from stealing sensitive information. SSL Certificate helps your website ranking in search engines and also helps build the trust of your customers to browse your website.

immediate account setup icon

Immediate account setup

Once you select and sign Up for the package and make the payment, An account will be set up automatically on the server and you will receive the login details and Name server Details instantly on your registered email address. You can Straight away login and start using your Web Hosting Account without any delay.

Unlimited email account

Unlimited Email Accounts

Hostripples SSD Shared Hosting account gives you the flexibility of creating an unlimited email account needed for you and your business. This helps in separating all-important Business emails from personal and Spam Emails. If you are running a business and have several Departments or people managing your business, you can have separate emails for all of them, for example:-,, Etc. All the email addresses you create are managed from one control panel which gives you added security. You can also configure these email accounts in third party tools like Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, to keep yourself organized.

Free website migration icon

Free Website Migration

If you have a signup for the first time with Hostripples and wish you to transfer your website from your existing provider to us, do not worry!!! We have you covered up. Send us the login details of your existing provider or give us the files of your website and we will migrate it to our server and would help you get your website live within minutes that too FREE of Cost. We do not charge our customers for Technical Support.

Security of the server icon

Security of the Server

Security is the most important aspect of hosting your websites and keeping them online 24/7. We at Hostripples take the security of our servers very seriously. Our Monitoring Team monitors our servers 24/7 keeping it safe and secure. Our Web hosting Servers are protected using various tools and programs such as Cloudlinux, Runtime Malware Scanner, Hardware and Software Firewall, ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF), Maldet, ClamAV, ModSecurity, etc. Keeping your Data Safe is our utmost priority.

Unlimited FTP account icon

Unlimited FTP Accounts

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most widely used feature by someone who develops and manages a website or application. FTP is used for uploading or downloading files from the server. Because it’s an important feature, many web hosting service providers give very limited access to FTP. However, we at Hostripples do not restrict access to use FTP account. Our SSD Shared Hosting customers can create unlimited FTP accounts as per their use and convenience.

cpanel icon


Hostripples provides a cPanel control panel with all our SSD Shared Hosting Package. cPanel is known for its wide and user friendly features which makes it easy to use, making your Hosting experience Enjoyable.

Multiple Server Locations

As an International Web Hosting Brand, Hostripples allows you to choose your hosting server from multiple server locations. We have SSD servers available in 4 different countries namely India, USA, Poland & United Kingdom.

The main benefit of having multiple server locations is that you can host your website at any location which is closer to your target audience. When you choose the server location nearer to the target audience then the loading speed of your website ultimately increases. This helps in improving the speed of your website and also helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You must be aware that Google gives preference to fast loading websites while ranking them. So, choose your server location accordingly.

multiple server location

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We believe in our service and our customers too. Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Our high power dedicated servers are built to provide the excellent performance and guarantee that all the web server applications should run smoothly without any interruptions.

24/7 Technical Phone Support

We are available for 365x24x7. You can ask for any query or a doubt with our technical support team.


The latest advancement in the data storage technology is SSD, which is an abbreviation for Solid State Drive. Due to the invention of SSDs, Web hosting service has been culminated into faster and more reliable service than the traditional Hard Disk Drives i.e. HDDs. Thus the SSD Shared Hosting plans are the once which runs on the server, that uses Solid State Drives for storing the data of your website.

Solid State Drives use integrated circuits for reading the data whereas the traditional HDDs use mechanical arm for this purpose. The energy required for SSDs is very less; on the other hand, HDDs require more energy. SSDs tend to be more expensive than HDDs. As SSDs doesn’t have any moving parts, SSDs can access required data electronically because they work very fast and effectively. SSDs are less likely to face the mechanical failures.
Every user is looking for a website which has the fastest possible loading time! Studies have shown that when any web page is hosted on SSD server it is likely to load 300% faster than the web page which is hosted on traditional HDDs. In short, we can say that following types of websites will benefit from SSD drives:
1. SSD hosting is an ideal solution for those websites which receives huge traffic.
2. Also if your website is dynamic, and it is driven by databases, then also SSD will beneficial for such websites.
3. If the website is immensely interactive, then a lot of data needs to be pulled out from the databases at faster rate. Such websites will definitely benefit from SSDs.
4. If the websites requires serving large files like videos or podcasts, at that time, SSDs will be beneficial.
5. And finally, if the website is concerned with e-commerce then also SSD Shared Hosting will be a best solution.
Our servers are located in India as well as in Singapore, Canada, UK, France, USA and Poland and at other locations; we provide Geo-IP location. Locations which are available for SSD Shared Hosting Plans are: India, UK, Poland and USA.
We provide the famous cPanel Control Panel.
For establishing an encrypted network or connection between server and the web browser of the client, a common technology is used which is referred to as Secured Socket Layer. It is abbreviated as SSL. SSL certificate encrypts the data travelling through the internet in such a way that the data remains private and intrinsic. Now if you have not installed SSL certificate on your website then, you will get Free Let’s Encrypt Certificate with all our SSD Shared Hosting Plans. Thus an SSL certificate will get installed through cPanel and you just need to update the ‘https’ secure link in your software. Refer the documentation of your websites’ software for it. Please keep in mind that, if you have already installed any certificate on your website, then that existing certificate will not get replaced. Also remove the current expiring certificate before installing a SSL certificate through cPanel. Generation of SSL certificate takes place every day and the certificates are generally made available within 24 to 48 hours.
Yes, we will help you in migrating your hosting account or websites from another hosting provider free of cost.
The process of website migration and the time required for the migration depends upon the size of the hosting account and also on the speed of connectivity offered by the old hosting provider. Therefore we cannot ensure how much time will it take, but as per our experience, migration takes between 4 to 8 hrs. We recommend that please do not make any changes in the name servers of your domain, so that your website will remain up and running from the old web hosting server.
Your web hosting account will be setup instantly, once you make the payment and within few minutes, it is ready to use.
No, there are no hidden charges or setup fees.
Yes, it is possible to upgrade and downgrade your SSD Shared Hosting Plan.
Follow the below steps:
1. Login to your client area;
2. Go to ‘Services’ menu. There you will find “My Services” option.
3. On this page select the required plan that you want to upgrade or downgrade i.e. click on ‘>’ icon before that service or plan.
4. Then you will see option >> Upgrade / Downgrade, on the right-hand side of the page.
5. Click on that option and upgrade or downgrade the required plan/ service.
Yes, we do offer 30 days money back guarantee on all our SSD Shared Hosting Plans.
Yes, we do offer 99.9% Uptime guarantee. You can refer to our legal page for information about Network Uptime Guarantee.
We accept all the following payment methods:
  • Indian Customer ( Credit Card , Debit Card , Wallet Transfer and more )
  • Paypal (International customer)
  • NEFT Bank Transfer Skrill / Moneybookers PaySafeCard (Global)
  • Molpay (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand)
  • Alipay (China)
  • (Global)
  • Cashu (Middle East and North Africa)
  • Qiwi(GLobal)
  • Sofort Banking (Europe) ATMVA (Indonesia)
  • Ccavenue (Indian Customer)
  • Bitcoin and Altcoins.
Your account renewal invoices will be issued 15 days prior to the renewal date.
Absolutely, we do have several server scanners, by using those scanners; your emails can be protected from spamming.
Yes, we are offering 10% discount on SSD Shared Hosting Plans and the coupon code is: SSD10
Register a FREE .com Domain of your choice by opting to pay yearly on selected hosting plans.

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