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Domain Name Transfer

Transfer your Domain & get a FREE Renewal



FREE! 1 Year Extension Included We will add one year to the current expiry date of your domain name for no additional cost. For exlkle, if your domain expires on 5th Nov 2017 and you place a Transfer request on 17th Sept 2017 then after the transfer is complete, the new expiry date of your domain name will be 5th Nov 2018 i.e. you will not lose anytime even if you choose to transfer months before your domains expiry date.

Best Domain Names Register, Renew & Transfer!

TLD Minimum Years Register Transfer Renew
.com1Rs. 2364Rs. 2364Rs. 2364
.net1Rs. 3181Rs. 3181Rs. 3181
.biz 1Rs. 3676Rs. 3676Rs. 3676
.org1 Rs. 2364Rs. 2364Rs. 2364
.pw 1Rs. 1456 Rs. 1456Rs. 1456
.in1Rs. 2000Rs. 2000Rs. 2000
.co.in 1Rs. 2000Rs. 2000Rs. 2000
.net.in 1 Rs. 2000Rs. 2000 Rs. 2000
.org.in1Rs. 2000Rs. 2000Rs. 2000
.gen.in1Rs. 2000Rs. 2000Rs. 2000
.ind.in 1Rs. 2000Rs. 2000Rs. 2000
.firm.in1 Rs. 2000Rs. 2000Rs. 2000
.in.net 1Rs. 2182 Rs. 2182Rs. 2182
.asia1Rs. 3640Rs. 3640Rs. 3640
.co 1Rs. 4940Rs. 4940Rs. 4940
.info 1 Rs. 908Rs. 908 Rs. 908
.pro1Rs. 908Rs. 908Rs. 908
.us1Rs. 2548Rs. 2548Rs. 2548
.xyz 1Rs. 2730Rs. 2730Rs. 2730
.online1 Rs. 1638Rs. 1638Rs. 1638
.shop1Rs. 6952Rs. 6952Rs. 6952
.store1Rs. 2548Rs. 2548Rs. 2548
.website 1Rs. 2002Rs. 2002Rs. 2002
.tech1 Rs. 3276Rs. 3276Rs. 3276
.space 1Rs. 1638 Rs. 1638Rs. 1638
.press1Rs. 3276Rs. 3276Rs. 3276
.site 1Rs. 2184Rs. 2184Rs. 2184
.top 1 Rs. 2457Rs. 2457 Rs. 2457
.click1Rs. 4368Rs. 4368Rs. 4368
.academy1Rs. 5642Rs. 5642Rs. 5642
.bet 1Rs. 6370Rs. 6370Rs. 6370
.company1 Rs. 6916Rs. 6916Rs. 6916
.business 1Rs. 6370 Rs. 6370Rs. 6370
.fun1Rs. 4186Rs. 4186Rs. 4186
.shiksha 1Rs. 3276Rs. 3276Rs. 3276
.science 1 Rs. 9100Rs. 9100 Rs. 9100
.cloud 1 Rs. 2366Rs. 2366 Rs. 2366
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