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How to Manage Backups in cPanel 11?

In the information era, data is considered to be an asset for any business or individual. If you have a website then everything that is on the website is very important to you and to protect it you need to take regular backups of your data.

Although, we do take backups of your data on a periodical basis, but  it is a good practice to have your own set of backups just in case anything goes wrong. This can also be useful when you are looking to switch from one provider to another.

In this tutorial you will learn about managing your backups using cPanel 11.

     1.Assuming you are logged into your cPanel account, go to the Files section and select Backups.
  1. Now click on the Download or Generate Full Backup button to create a complete backup of your site.
  2. Next up you need to choose a Backup Destination for storing the backup. You can either choose to store the backup in the home directory or select a remote location.

Note: If you wish to store the backup at a remote location then you need to fill the location, username and password details of the particular location.

In order to be notified when the backup task is complete you need to enter your email address.

  1. After you have filled all the details click on the Generate Backup button at the bottom.
  2. You will see the notification of the backup process, now you can Go Back to the backup menu.
  3. When the backup is complete you can download the complete backup by clicking on the Home Directory button and below that you can download the MySQL database backup.

From the same page you can also create backups of your email forwarders and filters and restore them as well.

Most of the web hosting providers offer support with backup and restoring your data and if you are not comfortable doing this yourself then it is better you get in touch with the support department to help you with it

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