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  • Bandwidth: 100 Mbps Unlimited
  • Root Access: Yes
  • IPv4: 1IP
  • IPv6: 1IP
  • HDD: Raid10
  • Free Account Set up
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Cheap Linux Cloud, Windows VPS Hosting Plan Comparison

Effective website and web hosting services are the requirements of the time. But what if these valued services are available for you that to be in the price of peanuts. Surprised!!! Indeed true.

The requirement of business is ever-changing but nearly every business requires Virtual Private Server, then why not to try VPS in the cloud solution? Isn't it a good idea to take all cloud computing benefits along with cheap Linux & Windows VPS services?

Whether you are currently looking for a cheap cloud VPS or thinking to opt it in near future, go with the company which is best in this business. At Hostripples, we offer cheap cloud VPS solutions which are highly scalable, robust, controlled and powerful that can be possible only with the cloud.

Whether your requirement is limited which can be accomplished by a single server or want a robust load balancing alternative for the website or applications in the cloud, for such requirement we have cheap cloud VPS solution at jaw dropping cheap price.

How our services work:-

  • Hardware is not an issue; your business keeps on running without hiccup
  • Choose your preferred plan and you are ready to go.
  • Scale your requirement and we will match your level.
  • Payment terms are highly flexible.

Cloud VPS Hosting Plans




  • Guaranteed RAM : 2 GB
  • HDD : 25 GB Raid 10
  • Bandwidth : 100 Mbps Unlimited
  • CPU Cores : 1 vCores
  • Root Access : YES
  • IPv4 : 1 IP
  • IPv6 : 1 IP



  • Guaranteed RAM : 2 GB
  • HDD : 25 GB Raid 10
  • Bandwidth : 100 Mbps Unlimited
  • CPU Cores : 1 vCores
  • RDP Access : YES
  • IPv4 : 1 IP
  • IPv6 : 1 IP

Why Cheap Cloud VPS is best for you?

High Security Network icon

High Security Network

So as to ensure high level of security at the time when your Cloud VPS server is connecting to the web, at each step of routing, links gets doubled at the minimum and the fiber optic cables can also get doubled at the minimum or at some other time can get tripled.

Multiple OS icon

Multiple OS

You can install more than one operating system like: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS etc. on your Linux Cloud VPS server.

High Availability Infrastructure icon

High Availability Infrastructure

Hostripples made available high availability infrastructure for Linux Cloud VPS and Windows Cloud VPS like: UPS device, double power supply, generators, advanced network capacities etc.

Backup Services icon

Backup Services

If you are looking for backup services, then we can provide them with our Linux and Windows Cloud VPS plans as an additional service, but for it you will need to pay some amount. Contact our sales person, for more details.

Anti DDoS Protection icon

Anti DDoS Protection

We at Hostripples have taken all the measures for protecting Cloud VPS against every type of DDoS attack. Thus your VPS infrastructure will be kept resistant to DDoS attacks. It also offers round the clock protection for all your services against every type of DDoS attack, without any restrictions with regards to volume or time period.

Free Reboot and Reinstall icon

Free Reboot and Reinstall

You can reboot and reinstall your Linux Cloud VPS unlimited number of times.

Unlimited Traffic icon

Unlimited Traffic

With our Best Linux Cloud VPS packages we provide unlimited bandwidth i.e. you will get 100 Mbps unlimited bandwidth, so that a large number of traffic can be handled easily by the VPS server.

IPv6 available icon

IPv6 available

IPv6 IP address is also made available with both type of Cloud VPS Plans i.e. Linux and Windows.

Your Choice of Operating System

Didn't Got What You Want?

cPanel SSD VPS
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cPanel SSD VPS

Ideal for critical applications with Linux Security.

  • 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 20 GB SSD Disk
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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cPanel Cloud VPS
Starting at


cPanel Cloud VPS

Ideal for hosting professional production environments or critical applications.

  • 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 25 GB Raid 10 HDD
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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Hosting in Linux or in Windows: What's the difference?

When people think about hosting, it becomes hard for them to decide which operating system should be selected. In current situation, the most commonly used operating systems for the web servers all over the world are Linux and Windows. Linux is flexible and robust and it also offers stability and security. Linux servers are capable of restoring the configuration changes without being restarted.

Windows servers support applications which are windows specific. It is considered as a comprehensive and user friendly operating system. They are capable of providing stable service. Windows servers require to be restarted whenever any configuration is changed. Windows servers are not case sensitive.


What types of projects can we host on Hostripples Cloud VPS?

At Hostripples you can host projects based on WordPress, Joomla, Debian, OpenVPN on Debian 8, PrestaShop, Ubuntu and Windows specific applications, different frameworks like Node.JS, WordPress Frameworks, Angular.JS, ASP.NET, .NET, and many more. There are no limitations for hosting any project from our side. But we do not allow hacking related data or any kind of spamming material used on the Linux as well as Windows Cloud VPS server.

When should you scale your hosting plan?

There are various reasons for scaling your hosting plan, like if your website is facing down time, or increased latency, or if your website is unable to utilize all the resources, or if the traffic to your website has increased and so on.


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